Kayak Kaddy


You are paddling and need to retrieve a layer of clothing, grab rain gear, or get a snack. Sound familiar? It’s frustrating not having immediate access to your gear because it's stowed away in the bulkhead.

What’s your solution? Ask a buddy to help out and risk losing valuable property over the side as s/he rummages through your stash - worse yet you both end up in the water as your kayaks overturn. OR grin and bear it, head to shore, and get out of your kayak to get what you need.

Here’s our solution – the Kayak Kaddy®. This versatile floating trailer is tethered to the rear of your kayak, canoe, or paddle board. With a simple pull of the tether, the Kaddy and your gear are immediately accessible.

The Kaddy holds and protects your valuables while you keep on enjoying the water. Use your Kaddy for kayak fishing, camping trips, and wade fishing. Available in a variety of solid and blended colors, you’re certain to find just the right color to match your paddle craft.

The Kayak Kaddy offers these great features:
  • Extra storage for your paddling adventure
  • Keeps personal items dry and safe, yet convenient while you are on the water
  • Large enough to hold items such as coolers, food, beverages, smartphones, tablets, jewelry, car keys, medication, first aid kits, sleeping bag, and a tent
  • Easy to access while on the water
  • Patented design cuts through the water while paddling to minimize drag and effort on longer trips
  • Infinite rigging possibilities with Ram Mounting Systems, Railblaza, Yakattack, or YakGear

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Contact information:
(763) 607-0411

Price: $199.99 plus sale tax and shipping